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How Do I get A HSBC Security Code

My HSBC account  is showing as fix connection. When I log into HSBC the account is showing as connected to Quickbooks. When I request a new code be sent nothing happens even when I am logged in.


HSBC are saying it is not there issue. No one at Quickbooks will actually talk to me as I am on the self emploed packed. Given that price have just increased in the region of 30% this is very poor service and I am paying for something I currently cannot use optimally.


No one can tell me if I disconnect the account with HSBC and reconnect it if I will lose all the data I have currently processed. Maybe if QB didn't spend so much on fancy ads and invested in proper customer service someone would be able to assist me

QuickBooks Team

Re: How Do I get A HSBC Security Code

Hello ClaireK,


This usually refers to a pinsentry code - do you use a pinsentry device when you login to HSBC's site? If so, follow the same steps as when you login normally to generate the pinsentry code.


We apologise you aren't happy with the service. You can get Self Employed support via here, Facebook, Twitter or email through the following link:


You will lose your previous data if you disconnect your bank account within the Self Employed product.





Level 1

Re: How Do I get A HSBC Security Code

The connection was permanent before, so now everytime we log into quickbook we have to generate a security code?

QuickBooks Team

Re: How Do I get A HSBC Security Code

Hi CVM0,



The security code is a request from the bank in order to grant access to share data and is not something we are able to control. We will be transitioning to open bank feeds in the coming months which will negate the need to provide this as authorisation will be granted and remain for 90 days. You can see more on open banking here and check when you can switch on our community page.