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how do I phone UK QuickBooks customer support ?

What is the phone number for UK QuickBooks customer support ?


I pay £13.00/month for this, and don't even have a phone number (!)

I now need some urgent specific support on Desktop to Online migration to which I can NOT find an answer in all the "community" posts.


ONLY reply if you can give me a phone number for QuickBooks customer support in the UK.


I do not want to be directed to other online pages .....



how do I phone UK QuickBooks customer support ?

Hi, @S400.


I know how important it is for you to migrate QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online to keep your financials tracked on time.


In the meantime, you can consider utilizing our Data Export Tool to access your historical QuickBooks Desktop reports and data files for 7 years from the discontinuation. On the other hand, this tool lets you download your company data and to safe-keep them on your computer. Take note that this is for keeping your QuickBooks Desktop company file record-keeping only.


I'll be delighted to walk you through converting your desktop file to online while our Phone Support team isn't available during these hours. Beforehand, ensure you have a QuickBooks backup company file secured on your desktop to help restore data in the migration process. Once the file is ready, you can use a third-party application to move data files to a QuickBooks Online called MoveMyBooks. Please refer to this article for the complete steps and information: Moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


In QuickBooks Online, we're unable to give a phone number but enabled an option for Callback. If you still want to contact our Phone Support on Monday to keep you guided live via call, please refer to his article: QuickBooks Online Support. It covers the time our representatives are around.


For additional information about QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online migration and FAQs, these articles may come in handy:


Feel free to comment if you have other QuickBooks migration concerns. I'm always here to help and assist. Take care always.

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how do I phone UK QuickBooks customer support ?

Hi @Jovychris_A,

I am assuming you can read - so I am wondering what part of my original post you did not understand ?

Were my phrases:   "ONLY reply if you can give me a phone number" and "I do not want to be directed to other online pages ....." not clear enough ?

Now that you've replied WITHOUT giving me the answer to my question, others perusing this community may get the false impression that someone has actually answered my question, and so not bother looking further/replying.


If you could delete your reply so that my original post returns to an unanswered state, I would be grateful.


Thank you


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Mark Armistead
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how do I phone UK QuickBooks customer support ?

@S400Unfortunately Intuit employ a bot army to reply to comminuty posts. The reply you have received is pretty typical of a automated reply. Stupidly frustrating.

You could try this number 0808 168 9533 Although, expect to be given really bad advice by someone who can hardly speak english. Don't try their online chat, it's really really bad.

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