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How do I post an EYU


How do I post an EYU

It's great to see you in the Community, @prfservices.


You can directly file your EYU by going to the Taxes and Payroll Tax tab. However, the form itself can't be viewed within the QuickBooks Online platform. This can be downloaded if you go to the HRMC website.


To ensure if the form is ready for download, you can contact the HRMC support for the specific date of the availability. You can view the contact information through this article: Preparing and running payroll year end.


This should answer your concern today. For additional resources, feel free to check this helpful article: View submitted FPS and EPS filings in QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll.


Please know I'll continue to stick by your side and help you if you have other concerns. Take care and have a nice day!