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How to get better CRM in QBO ?

Looking to use QBO for more customer management and tracking sales/order status for my small manufacturing business.


The stock control products and services part of QBO has been a complete non-starter for us as it's only designed for 'buy a thing and sell that thing' businesses.

Don't need anything to advanced - could be as simple as giving a customer/sales receipt/invoice a 'status' e.g. ordered/paid/packed/shipped, etc.


Any suggestions for ways to use or adapt QBO to do this - or alternatively, suggestions for simple CRM add-ons?

QuickBooks Team

How to get better CRM in QBO ?

Hello ID362807, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


Within Quickbooks, there aren't any statuses other than open overdue and paid and there is no way to customise this either. You could have a look in the 3rd party apps there may be an app in there to help but we can't advise on any, unfortunately, it would be a case of having a look through the options and choose the best one for yourselves. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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How to get better CRM in QBO ?


There are many options for CRM app to integrate with your QBO. Start exploring from these ones:


Aside of that, if your company is a manufacturing one, you may also need a manufacturing app. 

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