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I want to download all of my transactions, not just 1 page

Could anyone help? Thanks
QuickBooks Team

I want to download all of my transactions, not just 1 page

Hello, nolan-l-west-gma.


Here are a bunch of steps and solutions to help you download all of your transactions. 


Are you referring to your bank transactions? Certain banks can only download transactions within the last 90 days. Though, some offer more than that.


You can manually download your bank transactions by going to the Banking page, then clicking on the Update button. Do this at least three to five times to ensure your transactions go through successfully. 




If it only lets you download within a certain period, you'll want to manually upload the rest of the transactions using a CSV file. This article can tell you more about the steps and details: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


If the bank doesn't let you download them, record them manually using the transaction forms in the + New menu. 




More details can be found here: Download your bank transactions to QuickBooks.


If you're importing your transactions (such as invoices, sales receipt, etc..) through a third-party app, you'll want to check with their support to see if there's a way to download all transactions.  


After bringing in your transactions, you can start matching and categorising them. You can also do your regular reconciliation


If you need to do other tasks in QuickBooks Online, I'm ready to help again. Post your concerns or questions here and I'll reply as soon as possible. 

Level 1

I want to download all of my transactions, not just 1 page

HI, thanks for your quick reply.


No, it's not my bank transactions from the bank.  I have been using Quickbooks Self Employed, but have had to move over to quickbooks online.  I need to transfer all my info I had in Self Employed over to this new QB online version.  The QB Online version grabs everything that I have in my bank account but what it doesn't know is all the cash receipts I have had, all of this is stored in my Self Employed Version.  The best way I can think of to align everything is by exporting all my transactions as a CVS file from Self Employed (which I have done), and exporting all the data that has been grabbed from my bank account by QB Online and then comparing and sorting the 2 separate files in Excel. Once i've done this I will know the transactions which aren't in QB Online and can then upload them to QB online. Does this make sense?


Another thing that I can't seem to do is export all my transactions at once, it seems that I can only download it page by page, which is not very practical.  The Self Employed version allows me to do all at once.


Thanks for your help once again



QuickBooks Team

I want to download all of my transactions, not just 1 page

Hi there, @nolan-l-west-gma.


Allow me to share some information about migrating data from QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) to QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Currently, the option to get all the data from QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) to QuickBooks Online (QBO) in one go is unavailable. Although, you may use any integrated third-party app to handle this export and import process.


For the cash receipts, you can export them all to a zip file and convert it to a .CSV file. Then, map the details in QuickBooks Online. QBO only allows the direct import of Customers, Vendors, Chart of Accounts, Cash Receipts, Products and Services in .CSV format.


For more details about the export and import process, you may check out this article: Switch from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online. This also contains the suggested third-party applications you can use to transfer your data from QBSE to QBO.


I've added this article for your future reference to know how to manage your company: Get started with QuickBooks Online.


Please don't hesitate to let me know in the comment section. It's my pleasure to help you further. Take care.