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Mark Armistead-
Level 3

Intuit And Customer Information and Contradictions

So here we go again more bombshells being dropped via the forums with no official word on this matter. Intuit, do you know how much stress you are causing businesses with the information about Desktop and it’s impending end.  After months of nothing but contradictions and now this.


Intuit And Customer Information and Contradictions

I understand how you feel, Tyketags. Particularly on the information provided that has a significant impact on maintaining an accurate record in managing your business.


I'll share more details about the process of discontinuing our QuickBooks Desktop. 


We'll no longer release a new version of QBDT for the UK, but you will continue to receive full support until January 31, 2023. You can read this article for more information: QuickBooks Desktop being discontinued.


Know that we are helping you to stay compliant. With the recent changes to accounting and tax regulations, we ensure you're on a product that can be supported with regular updates.


If you wish to migrate your data to QuickBooks Online, we have detailed instructions on the process. Click here.


If there's anything else I can help you with, please post them here. I'll be glad to assist.

Mark Armistead
Level 7

Intuit And Customer Information and Contradictions

Glinette, have you actually read the other post about the delay in discontinuing go Desktop? This happens way too often where support don’t actually read the post properly. So here we go again, two different replies from Intuit.



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