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Level 1

Invoice & sales receipt numbers

On our previous quickbooks desktop we was able to have different Invoice & sales receipt numbers dependent on the transaction type for example, invoice 10/1000 & sales receipt 05/1000.


Can we still do this? As at the moment both transactions have the same number.

John C
QuickBooks Team

Invoice & sales receipt numbers

Hi deltaglazing2019


This is not possible on the online version, you could activate custom transaction numbers and this would allow you to manually enter the transaction name/number every time.

Level 5

Invoice & sales receipt numbers

Yet again a simple, vital, function that was in the Desktop Version is missing in the Online Version.


The sales team that "force you to upgrade to QBO" should all be dismissed for lying, all I find is core functionality missing from QBO 

We need to integrate to our website system.....and were going to use a format of WEB-12345678  so you can see immediately if it was a web sale.....

Alas we can no longer do this......


Terrible terrible terrible.

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