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Invoice Template Content Duplicates in other Templates

I have noticed in QBO that when a new template is created or an existing one edited, the changes are copied to other templates also. This is not proper. Other templates should not be affected.


Also creating a new template or editing an existing one and then trying to save gives an error message although it somehow saves despite the error message during Saving that forces you not to accept the changes.


What is the fix to the above?


Invoice Template Content Duplicates in other Templates

I hope you're doing fine today, HAM9.


I'd like to share a few details about the information we've entered from the invoice template that reflects with the other existing templates in QuickBooks Online.

If you mean editing different messages of each template, the newly modified message in the template takes over and replaces with all existing invoice template messages. Other than that, the system allows us to customize the template without affecting others. Let's take a look at this sample screenshot:




I got your point on how ideal and useful to edit the Content side without affecting other templates in QuickBooks. For now, you may consider checking our blog website to keep up-to-date about the enhanced and the other release features in QuickBooks soon. 


Also, can you share with me the exact error message when saving the template? That way, we can check if there's any reported issue similar to what you have encountered. Though, we can try saving it through an incognito window. It could be that our browser is holding too much cache that's causing unexpected errors.


If you haven't tried, you can follow the shortcut keys below. It'll help QuickBooks to run better on your computer. 


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N


If it works fine, go back to your original browser and clear the cache. This helps to refresh QuickBooks and work efficiently. We can also use other supported browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. For Safari, make sure to use the latest one.


If you still have other questions, please let me know anytime. I'll get back to you and share the information you'll want to know about QuickBooks. Keep safe.

Level 3

Invoice Template Content Duplicates in other Templates

@SarahannC  Not only custom message on invoice but also on the Email tab the Dear [Full Name,....] gets copied over to other templates. That is not what is desired.


On the error message I had tried incognito mode, clearing cache, etc but issue is same.

QuickBooks Team

Invoice Template Content Duplicates in other Templates

Thanks for coming back @HAM9,


Currently, the message to customer section will appear on all of your invoice sales form templates. This includes the message to customer in the emails tab.


Customizing invoice templates focus on the design and appearance of your invoice. For details, please check out these articles below:


I'll be sharing with you this handy article about how to review open invoices and send payment reminders and balance forward statements in QuickBooks ... which I'm sure you'll find helpful. It contains steps that'll guide you in managing your open invoices and overdue payments.


I'd still encourage contacting our Customer Care Support so we can further investigate the error you're getting when saving invoice templates.


Please know that we're always here if you have other questions or concerns, so don't hesitate to reply anytime. Thanks for coming in today and I wish you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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