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I run a small rental company 

I cant work out how to add a rental period to my invoice 

I don't want to have to list day by every piece of equipment





QuickBooks Team


Great to see you here, @idealriggin7.


This feature appears to be beneficial to your company. I'll gladly share how to make this feature available within the invoice in QuickBooks Online.


Since adding the rental period within the invoice, I suggest sending feedback about this matter.


To do so, follow these steps:


1. Select the Gear icon.

2. Select the type of feedback in the box.

3. Click the Next button to submit. 


You may track the status of your summited feedback on our QuickBooks Online Features Requests page


If your customer pays you payments on your invoice, you can refer to this article for your guide: Record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online. 


Feel free to follow up here if you have any other questions. I'll be happy to help you some more.

Level 8


Hi @idealriggin7 


Standard QBO Service Date is just that - one day.  That's fine for one-off jobs but no good for rental.


A few options...

(1)  Use QBO Service Date but change column name to Period Ending or Period Commencing.

(2)  You can have a Custom Field (three, I think) on the invoice.  Set one of them as Rental Period - you can type free text in the box but I'm not sure if you're limited to a certain number of characters.

(3)  Alternatively, enter the Rental Period in the Invoice Message (Memo) field.


Hope this helps.

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