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brents bugs
Level 1

invoicing on QBO

Hi Ive been using QBO for the last year and I see the invoice is now different from before. I like the look but hate that I now have to manually put in my customers email address when I want to invoice them..

How do I change that? 

When I select a customer to bill, it gives me there name and what they owe. Next to there name I have to put in there email address when my database in QBO already has all the info. It wasnt like that before the new look. I use to be able to select the person who I need to bill, put the additional information on the bill and hit send.


QuickBooks Team

invoicing on QBO

Hi there, @brents bugs. The instructions I'm including below will get the customer's email address to come up automatically.


Make sure you've entered it on the customer information. 

  1. Go to the Customers menu and select the Customers tab.
  2. Select the customer's name.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Enter the customer's email address on the Email field.
  5. \Capture.PNG
  6. Select Save.


Whatever you set up here will be added automatically to the sales forms. Doing this will help you save more time as you won't have to enter them in every transaction.


Otherwise, if they're already added, I'd suggest clearing your browser cache. Unexpected behavior like this is usually the result of outdated or corrupt cache files in your web browser. 


Let's start by logging in to your account twice through an incognito window to rule out the possibility of a webpage issue. You can refer to these shortcut keys to open an incognito window in all supported browsers:

  • Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Safari: Command+Shift+N


If the email address shows on the invoice, I recommend that you clear its cache. By clearing them, you can remove that historical data and access QuickBooks with a clean slate. You can also switch to a different supported browser to see if it has something to do with your browser.


I've included some articles here that you can use when managing other list elements such as accounts, terms, classes, products, or services:


Comment below if you've got further concerns about setting up customers' information. I'm here to back you up. Take care and have a great day.

brents bugs
Level 1

invoicing on QBO

Thank you for your reply but I tried everything you suggested. I even had my CPA try it on his Mac book. It still wont put my customer email in the invoice. I have to manually type (cut and paste) the email address next to the customer name in order to send it. 

QuickBooks Team

invoicing on QBO

Hello there, @brents bugs.


I can help add your client’s email address on an invoice in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


The first workaround is to add the details to the customer’s profile. Here’s how:


1. Go to Sales from the left menu and select Customers.

2. Select the customer’s name on the list.

3. Click the Edit icon.

4. Choose the Address tab at the bottom and add the email in the Billing address field.

5. Hit Save.


The other option is to create a separate field for the email address. Let me show you how:


1. Go to the Gear icon and select Account and Settings.

2. Select the Sales tab on the left.

3. Click the Sales form content section to open it.

4. Below Custom fields, check one box and name it Email.

5. Hit Save, then Done.


For more information, check out this article: Add custom fields to invoices.


For additional reference, you can use the following article to personalize invoices in QuickBooks: Customize invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Touch base with me here if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help.

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