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legacy editions of quickbooks for download



I have a 2013 version of quickbooks I am moving to my new mac (running parallels and windows 10 for quickbooks) - (new imacs dont have cd drives) so looking for a digital download - do you have such a resource where I can download from?

QuickBooks Team

legacy editions of quickbooks for download

Hi there, WebspaceUnlimited.


The support for the QuickBooks Desktop 2013 and older are already discontinued or unsupported. That being said, we are unable to provide a digital downloader to transfer your file from QuickBooks Desktop windows to a Mac. 


The digital downloader on our website is only available for supported versions of QuickBooks. You can look or find a digital download outside QuickBooks to help you transfer your company file.


Please check this article to see information about QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation: QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy and upgrade information. This includes helpful info about your upgrade options.


Let me know if you have other Questions related to QuickBooks. I'm always here to help.

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legacy editions of quickbooks for download

Thanks Christi Ann


That isn't really answering the question I am asking


I know 2016 is latest -  I HAVE a copy of 2013 also which I can install and should work under windows 10 and that is what I am going to do


The question was do you have a download for it - I have licence key etc.. my Mac doesn't have a cd drive - and Catalina doesn't allow the use of network cd drive so.... its either a download from the web or I nbuy a usb cd Rom and install it that way ... I was asking the question as I was pretty sure there would be an intuit downloads of older versions.. looks like I am wrong


Thanks anyway 


QuickBooks Team

legacy editions of quickbooks for download

Unsupported QuickBooks Desktop versions will automatically be removed from our website, WebspaceUnlimited.


The best thing that you can do is search one online. You can also find a reseller near you. Though, we always make every effort to provide registration and licensing for older versions if data is available. But, we're unable to guarantee that we'll be able to register, provide key codes or offer data and password recovery for older versions.


You can go over to these helpful articles about QuickBooks.


Let me know if you need anything else. We're always around to help.

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