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MAC OSX Sonoma V14

Since updating to Sonoma (v14 OSX) Quickbooks online just prints blank reports. 

Even printing to a pdf file and then printing that from OSX returns a blank page.

Even Exporting to a pdf and then printing that from OSX returns a blank page.

OSX happily prints pdf files from other software...

Quickbooks say it is a Mac problem and we should phone Apple (really!). What a cop out!

I say: I am paying a shed load of money to Quickbooks and you need to get onto Apple and get it sorted.

Just checked: Sage, Xero and Freeagent have no problems.

The work around is to export to excel, convert to Numbers and print from there.

Still trying to find the link to be able to make a formal complaint that will fall on deaf ears!

QuickBooks Team

MAC OSX Sonoma V14

Hello cs79, thanks for posting on the Community


This issue is due to the removal of certain framework support (that are necessary for the QuickBooks PDF to render correctly) by Apple in the recent OS upgrade. There are indications that Apple are going to address this in the upcoming updates to MacOS tentatively planned for November. This issue is not QuickBooks application specific, and hence no fix can be provided for this from us.


We're tracking this under our internal investigation with reference INV-93776 to monitor future updates. In the meantime, please consider using a different device without the Apple update, or use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF document.

Level 1

MAC OSX Sonoma V14

Thats fine, but we use a lot of other accountancy software that prints via the same route and is fine.


Why do the headings and tail print but not the transactional data then?


Why does the 'mail' icon default to printing a pdf rather than open a mail message?


The whole reports section is weak and needs revising - far more important than new layouts!

QuickBooks Team

MAC OSX Sonoma V14

Hi cs79, thanks for getting back to me.


We're unable to speak for other accountancy software providers as we don't know their specific system configurations. We appreciate this is a pain-point for customers who're using Mac OS Sonoma and we'll continue to monitor the issue until a fix is in place. 


The mail and print icon on reports are both linked to the PDF preview, from here you can select the Email button to review the email details and send. 


It isn't great to see that you're not enjoying the new reporting layout. If you have any specific suggestions for this, please submit via the Cog > Feedback in QB. Thanks!

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