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Level 2

Making payments


I've just started with QuickBooks and am teaching myself as I go along. I've entered details of bills from some suppliers (including setting up the suppliers) and they now appear in the expense transactions screen. What happens if I click 'Make payment'? I've made the payment in real life through the bank account and want to be sure that if I select this they won't get paid again. (I don't even know if QB can make payments - I have set up the link to our bank account though.)



QuickBooks Team

Making payments

Hello JoBPI, 


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QuickBooks can not make any physical payments it just reflects and records what has happened in real, life. so if you have already paid this bill then when you click on make payment it will just show that you have paid this bill off in real life, if you haven't yet paid it you would leave the make payment until it happened in real life too then match it in the banking page. 

Level 2

Making payments

Thanks so much Ashleigh. That's what I was hoping the answer would be I was just a bit nervous about getting it wrong! Really appreciate your help

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