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Level 2

Migrating Custom Fields

Has any one found a way to migrate custom fields. I am using Desktop Pro and am looking at Online Advanced. I have managed to recreate the custom fields in the online version. I can export the relevant information using Zed Axis required to fill these fields but can't seem to find anyway to be able to map an import to bring the information across.

QuickBooks Team

Migrating Custom Fields

It's nice to see you here in the Community, @copycareoffice

I'm here to share some information about importing custom fields in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Importing custom field templates is currently not available at this time. I can see how this option would be helpful for you and your business. If you want to enable this feature in future updates, you can send feedback to our product development team. This way, our product development team will get a great chance to know this and may add these feature enhancements in future updates. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Feedback.
  3. Enter your comments or product suggestions.
  4. Then, click Next to submit feedback.

You can visit our QuickBooks Online Feature Requests website to track the status of your submitted feedback.


If you have any other questions about QBO, please don't hesitate to reach back out. I'm always here to help.

Level 2

Migrating Custom Fields

It is very frustrating as I have also since found that you can export custom field information from within Quickbooks online. So to not have the import facility is a major pain

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Migrating Custom Fields


Consider to buy a 3rd party service to convert your data with up to 3 custom fields to QBO.

Level 8

Migrating Custom Fields

Hi @copycareoffice 


I'm almost certain you could do this a few years ago via Import Invoices using a csv file.  It's a long time since I've used it but the mapping options for Custom1/2/3 now seem to have disappeared.  It must be one of those customer-requested improvements to QBO!


If the imports are of past invoices - i.e. just for reference - you could edit your csv file(s) to merge the custom fields into one & map that to <Memo> (assuming you're not already using the memo field, that is).


Alternatively, as you're already using Zed Axis to export from QBD their Zed Axis Online might be your best option for importing that data into QBO.


Hope this helps.

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