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Level 2

Mileage Missing!

Client contacted me about an issue with quickbooks self-employed after updating the app today. (5/9/19)


He has over 10,000 miles logged into the app which I was able to view briefly on the reports page. But when I refreshed the page it would only show trips for today (chrome browser on desktop accessed through pro-advisor) regardless of the filter settings. going back through the reports page did not fix the issue. The figures are even missing from the tax summary and profit and loss!


This is the same behavior the client was getting using the app on his mobile.


Tried exporting the data instead but that only includes todays as well.

QuickBooks Team

Mileage Missing!



Thanks for reaching out to us.Could we ask you to PM us the client company id or the email address linked to the account so we can look into this for you

QuickBooks Team

Mileage Missing!



Thanks for the PM,I am sorry but for some reason we can not open it..Would it be possible for you to either contact us on QuickBooks UK on either FaceBook or Twitter via a PM/DM with a screenshot of what you are seeing and the email address of the client




Eyan Maloney
Level 1

Mileage Missing!

I have had the same, I’m quite disappointed in the app to be honest, I have never been able to link my bank account and now all my trips have disappeared, also there is no support number to call for the self employed app, I really am considering leaving if it’s not sorted very poor service 

QuickBooks Team

Mileage Missing!

This is not what we want to to feel, @Eyan Maloney.


Let's perform some troubleshooting steps to isolate this issue. You'll want to ensure the auto-tracking feature is on in your QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) app. Let me guide you how.


In your QBSE app:

  1. Go to the Menu ☰ icon.
  2. Select the Mileage menu.
  3. Click and turn on Auto-tracking. If you're setting up tracking for the first time, select Allow and then Allow all the time

Then, ensure the app keeps tracking trips when you're in slow-moving traffic:

  1. Go to the Menu ☰ icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Mileage settings.
  4. Turn on the Track slow speed trips setting.

Here's an article you can read for more details and additional troubleshooting steps: Fix mileage tracking issues in QuickBooks Self-Employed for Android.


Additionally, I got you this article that can guide you through the complete process in connecting your bank to your QBSE account: Connect bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Self-Employed.


However, if you wish to contact our support team, you can refer to this article on how to get in touch with them: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support.


You can always tag me whenever you have other concerns or questions in the future. I'm always around to lend a hand. Keep safe!

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