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Moving To Quickbooks- before I take the plunge...

Hi all,

I've used Sage 50 for our 18 year old business for many years but for various reasons I'm considering leaving and moving to Quickbooks. We have very specific requirements and I'm hoping that you lot, who have real world experience of the system, might be able to help with some advice.

I need a system that manages stock effectively, allows purchase orders, works with multi currencies, multiple price lists and multiple users in different UK locations. I *think* Quickbooks does all this. Questions:

1. How good is the stock control system? Can I use barcode scanners?

2. How easy is it to update the multi currency option to reflect changing exchange rates?

3. Can I have several tiers of price lists, for example retail, wholesale, distributor, special customer?

Thanks for your help and time in advance. I'm talking to QB directly but I'd appreciate input from users as well. 



QuickBooks Team

Moving To Quickbooks- before I take the plunge...

I've just got the details you need about QuickBooks, BenBiscoe.


The features that you'd like are available in the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise version. I'm here to share more info about them.


To start, you can set up Advanced Inventory. This way, you can accurately track and control your stocks stored at different sites or locations. This also allows you to use a barcode scanner to make data entry faster and easier.


For multi-currency, you can easily update your exchange rates by downloading or manually entering them in the desktop version. Please note that you can only download rates if you use the US dollar as the home currency. To learn more, please see this article: Set up and Use Multicurrency.


For the price lists, you can also set them up in QuickBooks. I'll show you how.

  1. From the Lists menu, go to Price Level List.
  2. Select Price Level at the bottom and then choose New.
  3. Enter the price level name and then choose the price level type.
  4. Select OK.


Once done, you can either apply them directly to items on a sales form. Or associate them to one or more customers or jobs.


Additionally, I've added this article that'll help you learn more about the available features in QuickBooks Desktop.



Feel free to comment down below if you have any other concerns or questions about how the program works, @BenBiscoe. It's always my pleasure to help you out again.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Moving To Quickbooks- before I take the plunge...


I'm not sure why CharleneMae_F recommends using QB Desktop Enterprise US or CA version. I would recommend using QB Desktop Premier UK version. You should utilize the trial license of it. You may consider having additional solutions:

1. A 3rd party app to manage multi warehouses and barcoding with your mobile phones

2. A 3rd party app to deploy a simple private cloud. Your remote users will be able to access your company file by internet connection if required.  

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