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Safari Steve
Level 1

New Customer _ initial account set up

I've just subscribed to Quickbooks online for self employed and downloaded the app. I've signed in and that's about as far as I can get. I can view transactions, invoices etc which of course are all nil as I haven't set my account up yet.I don't see any option to create my business account  either on my PC or on my iphone using the app. Also, the app doesn't appear to be working properly , one thing is it is forcing me to track my mileage and I don't want to, the option to opt out doesn't work. So far I am not having a   very good experience with  Quickbooks. Wasted a lot of time. Is there a problem with it or is it me ? I can't find any help with this problem online. 

QuickBooks Team

New Customer _ initial account set up

Hello Safari Steve


We would like to get you back on track and for things to be running smoothly for you.

Regarding the app not letting turn off mileage tracking. Are you using the android or ios app? Do you get an error?

If you go to transactions on either pc or app you and on the add transaction drop down there is an option to add an account or alternatively in the browser version you can also go to the cog>bank accounts and there is an add account option there as well



We have help options here you can also ask questions in the Community, Facebook or Twitter and also through email support if you select Self Employed at the link here

There are also helpful pages here

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