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Not happy



I have little hope, as so far I'm having a carrousel experience, but just trying my final luck before I probably will have to end the account: is there a knowledgeable human at Intuit I can talk to AND who can really resolve issues?

  • I have one outstanding ticket which has a lead time of months!!! Each time I receive an automated meaningless update and it is still not resolved. Though it has gone quiet for a while, yet it is still not resolved.
  • When adding to the field that I want to Cc someone else in sending the invoice, it does something weird like sending it to that person instead of the main person.
  • There is constantly one transaction to be reviewed, even though there is none!! Today I finally worked out that there seems to be one pending from quite a while back. No idea how to resolve that. 
  • And to make it worse, this week none of my latest transactions are showing up to be reviewed.


Support over chat and email is useless, I really don't have time to keep sending screenshots whilst I'm working. I need someone to go into the account and just straighten it all out.


Hence, how can I find a human at Intuit who will not create 'a ticket' or repeaditpass me on to 'a next layer of experts' never to be contacted again, but who can resolve the above issues themselves?


Apologies for the rant.



PS Why does the font change when using bullet points in this post? Another miraculous unhelpful twist.

QuickBooks Team

Not happy

Hello Esther2023, thanks for posting on the Community page, we can see the case has been escalated to our higher team and is being dealt with,  any updates you will receive emails to inform you from the case.  


Level 1

Not happy

It probably was a computer replying to my post.

Unhelpful and totally not addressing all the issues.

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