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Barry G
Level 1

Not tracking mileage again????

QuickBooks mileage tracking is not tracking again!!
QuickBooks Team

Not tracking mileage again????

Thanks for posting here, @Barry G. I've come with the steps to help you fix your mileage tracking issue.


Let's start by checking the set-up of your QuickBooks Online (QBO) mobile app to ensure it will track trips accurately. Please note that only the master admin can track mileage in QBO. Refer to these steps below:


Let's review the setup and ensure that the auto-tracking option is turned on:


For iOS (iPhone and iPad)


  1. Open the QBO mobile app and go to the menu ☰ icon.
  2. Next, click All and select Mileage.
  3. Click Auto-track your miles.
  4. Then, follow Allow location access onscreen instructions.


For Android phone or tablet


  1. Access the QBO mobile app and navigate to the menu ☰ icon.
  2. Next, select Mileage.
  3. Then, turn on the Auto-tracking switch.


Once verified that the option is already turned on, let's configure your device's location settings. You have to make sure that the QBO mobile app can run in the background. For the detailed steps, proceed to Step 2 of this article: Check your device's location settings.


For more troubleshooting steps in resolving mileage tracking issues, please proceed to Step 3 to Step 9 of this article: Fix mileage tracking issues in the QuickBooks Online mobile app. 


For those trips that were not tracked, you can manually record them on a web browser.


Getting a copy of your mileage trips is a breeze in QBO. You just simply need to click the Download Trips option from the Mileage page. This will open an Excel file with a report of all the trips you've input.


If you need additional assistance fixing mileage tracking issues in QBO, feel free to post again here. I'd be glad to help you further. Keep safe. 

Barry G
Level 1

Not tracking mileage again????

Its tracking some mileage but not others and that has happened for a few weeks now. Which means that the settings are right on the phone!!

This morning for example it tracked my trip from the 1st job i had done to home at the end of the day.

But it had not tracked the home to the 1st job??


QuickBooks Team

Not tracking mileage again????

I'll make sure to assist you in fixing your mileage tracking, @Barry G.


If you activate the low power mode feature to conserve battery life, it may prevent QuickBooks from running in the background. When tracking mileage, we recommend you to not use them. 


If you need to use low power mode, launch the QuickBooks mobile app and keep it open. 


Additionally, we have to ensure that the do not disturb option is switched off and set to stay off during the trip. This can close the QuickBooks mobile app if you leave it turned on.


When you're driving and your device is linked to a Wi-Fi hotspot, it can also affect the accuracy of your trip recording. Let's make sure that it's not connected to a hotspot.


In your location accuracy settings, it's also fine to have Wi-Fi enabled.


Furthermore, you can update the app and your device to the latest version. This can help improve functionality and enhance performance. 


For more detailed information on how to fix mileage issues, please refer to this link.


You'll want to consider reading this link on how to manually track mileage. 


If the same issue persists, you can reach out to our contact support team. They can pull up your account and help resolve the issue. 


Here's how:


1. Click the Help icon.
2. In the Help window, click the Contact Us button at the bottom.
3. Enter your concern and click Let's talk.
4. Choose a way to connect with us. Start messaging or Get a callback.


The Community is always here to help you if you have other questions about mileage. Take care.

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