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Pay Rate Per Task (Quickbooks online advanced payroll)



Is it possible to setup pay rate per task at the top level to be applied to all employees?




QuickBooks Team

Pay Rate Per Task (Quickbooks online advanced payroll)

Hello SN43211, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


To put pay rate in on Advanced payroll is 


Click into an emnployee>pay run defaults and put the pay rates in there. 


For rates for task, we suggest that you create the task as a pay category with fix rate and setting the rate on 'Pay rates' on you have done this you will need to assign it on each employee. 


To find the settings of adding a category is 


payroll setting>under pay run settings is pay catergories click that>add top right> put the name you want to call this new category so could be for example task 1>save 


once you have saved this when you go into pay rates in each employee you will see the new category that you have created to then link to each employee. 

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