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Paying for a subscription

Can anyone help me with setting up a subscription? I downloaded the app from Google Play, not realising that that would mean I can't pay via the website. I don't know how to pay via Google and I don't really want to, I'd rather have an Intuit account and pay via my laptop on the computer. When I tried to pay via the app store it says it doesn't recognise my google email address.


It doesn't help that I don't really understand this situation. I've spoken to two people at Quickbooks, one was gleefully unhelpful and the other well-meaning but very uninformed. All I want to do is pay for a subscription but it seems impossible. Is it possible to delete my current Quickbooks account and open a new one on my laptop and pay via Intuit? Any help would be very much appreciated, I've spent hours trying to sort this out. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Paying for a subscription

Try opening the link on any private/incognito browser in your laptop to purchase a new blank QBO account.


QuickBooks Team

Paying for a subscription

Hi KateSuttle, if you'd prefer to continue using your existing subscription, you can reach our support team through this link and they'll be able to migrate your billing to Intuit. Please note the subscription will then be charged at our standard rate which may differ from any third party offerings, the pricing for this can be found here.


Alternatively, you can create a new subscription with the same email by selecting your plan and then clicking the option for 'Already have an account? Sign in'. :woman_technologist:

Level 1

Paying for a subscription

Thank you, but ideally I'd keep the original one as I've done quite a lot of work on it. 

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