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Problems with the new Expenses page layout

My colleague is having issues with the updated Expenses screen - the new columns cannot be de-selected and are cluttering up the screen. Is there any way that these columns can be removed from the main page?

The columns are: Category, Costs, Last delivered, Attachments.


When she adds the Delivery Date column, the sort feature does not work - for example, we have the following dates:




No matter which way you click the column header to sort, it does not sort by date. This is making it difficult to see easily which deliveries are due / overdue - we need to be able to sort by delivery date. I have the same problem.


She has also advised that if she uses Categories on a PO instead of Items, you cannot receive part of the order. This may be something she needs to be aware of, to just not use Categories, but this cannot be turned off in our settings (as far as I can tell) - if we can turn it off that would be better.

Level 2

Problems with the new Expenses page layout

Screenshot showing the delivery date field NOT sorting by date, despite being selected to:

QuickBooks Team

Problems with the new Expenses page layout

Hi Su WM, thanks for posting on the Community


It is only possible to select and deselect columns on the Expenses screen that show when selecting the small settings wheel. Default columns, such as Date and Type cannot be removed. 


Please check if the Delivery date column is set up as a custom field (Settings wheel > Custom fields). Custom fields are read as text, meaning the system doesn't recognize this as a date and won't re-order by date when selecting the column heading. 

Level 2

Problems with the new Expenses page layout

Hi GeorgiaC


Thanks for the reply. The fields I mentioned in my post are new fields - I assume they have been set as defaults as they do not appear in the list of fields we can add/remove under the small cog, but they were only added during a recent update and it would be useful if these were optional rather than default. Is there any chance that can be changed?


The delivery date field is a custom field, yes, but the type was set as a Date type, and again, until the recent update, we were able to sort by this field as it registered as a date field. I cannot see why that would have been changed to a text field / suddenly unable to be sorted - unless QuickBooks has added their own Delivery Date field that we can use? Having a delivery date set on a purchase order is vital for any business, and being able to sort by that date is also vital.


I've added a screenshot showing the field type - why would this have been changed behind the scenes to read as text?


Problems with the new Expenses page layout

We always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback, @Su WM. QuickBooks is always looking for opportunities to improve, and I want to ensure this thought gets to the right team.

I can see that you prefer the previous Expenses layout. I also recognize the need to customize the fields or columns on the new Expenses page. 

I recommend sending feedback directly to our Product Developer team so they can take a look at your suggestion and might consider it as part of the future enhancements. Please know that when the program releases updates, removing or modifying default features isn't possible.

You can follow the instructions below to submit a request or suggestions:


  1. Open your QuickBooks account.
  2. Click Expenses from your left pane.
  3. Select Give feedback.

I’m adding these references to learn more about tracking expenses and how to generate, export, and print statements related to your suppliers:


Please feel welcome to add a reply or create a new thread if you have any other concerns besides the new Expenses page layout. We're always here to assist you, @Su WM.

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