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Product / Service lack of location / notes / custom field / average cost

Why is it not possible to enter a stock location or a custom field for location or notes in products / services? This seems like a very simple thing to request and I can see that others have asked too.


We also used to have an average cost price or last cost price so it was easier to see if retail prices need to change.


I used to have a lot more inventory control years back with QB but then it was removed and we were left with a mess!


Come on Intuit - get your act together and sort this simple issue please. Either you offer a Product / inventory list or you don't. It's become so frustrating that I'm considering moving to another software solution.


How are you all getting round this problem without having to purchase a bolt on app?

QuickBooks Team

Product / Service lack of location / notes / custom field / average cost

Hello Melady, You can assign a location to a transaction but not specifically to a product. We can pass this feedback on and would recommend adding that to the cog>feedback option. The custom field again is on the transaction, however you can on reports drill down on custom field or location if you want a certain line item itself to be isolated on reports you can use class by line item,

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