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QB integration with BI (Tableau)



We decided to integrate QuickBooks Online with BI system for making revenue and cost analysis process more simple. Through Tableau driver got connected to database of QB. Unfortunatelly I'm lost, especially that I'm not a tech person, I'm just end-user of QB. Nonetheless I found tables which I'm interested in but looks that sth is missing:

1) Booking accounts include journal entries (and those I can find in 'journal entries' table) and invoices which I can find in 'Invoice' table. The problem is that i can't see and key in the 'invoice' table which would tell how to match those invoices to booking accounts

2) On user level we numbered booking accounts, but after getting to database I can't see any column which would specify this number. Table 'Account' is missing this information (it gives only name of the account) whereas 'Journal entries' table has only one column where number and name of the booking account is joined in one cell. There is of course a column with id of account but it's not what I'm looking for as those numbers which were set by an accountant, include kind of code- each digit gives specific information.


Any tips? Or at least helpful links to documentation of QB database?  

QuickBooks Team

QB integration with BI (Tableau)

Hello Marysia,


This may be something we could help you with further through our support line - this way we can set up a screenshare and you could show us what you need/are trying to do.


Our contact number is 0808 234 5337.





Vidi Corp ltd
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QB integration with BI (Tableau)

Hi Marisiya,

It is extremely difficult to recreate your financial statements from 100+ tables behind the Quickbooks connector. Here is a solution that returns those financial statements combined into the tables that you need: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, etc:


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