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QBO wish list changes from QBDT (UK)

QBO wish list changes from QBDT (UK)

Having had to say goodbye to QBDT to QBO and read so many posts on here about wanting things changed only to be told to use the Feedback button that clearly seems to fall on deaf ears, how about use this post as a wish list for all those upset/angry UK customers in an attempt to win them back and make them feel a bit better with using QBO which to be honest needs a god dam revamp and some……..
I’ll start with my wish/need list, please feel free to add to this in order to get someone to listen, maybe we might actually get heard and see some improvements..

1) Too many mouse clicks to do a simple thing, example, creating an invoice or purchase order – One click to activate the Item/Description column, then another click to get items listed before you can even enter any text? – Pointless

2) I’m using a 24” screen, yet 2/3rds of the screen for creating an invoice or purchase order is taken up with an annoying “Payment Options” and one hell of an annoying constant black pop up box making sure you see this! – I don’t want it, I have my own payment options in place
The top half is simply using 7 boxes, customer, billing address, invoice number and date boxes, why all the empty space?

3) Cannot hide “Item Code” when creating an invoice otherwise it also hides “Item Code” on purchase orders – What the hell? = Manual editing each one via Adobe PDF

4) Total lack of editability in general for invoice, purchase orders along with constantly having to edit the default email message……..”Have a nice day !!” OMG sake

5) You’re on invoice number 2468, however, you’ve just received payment for invoice number 2000 and then continue to create another invoice being 2469. Not only does the date of the new invoice show that of the date you recently received payment for invoice 2000, the new invoice number shows as 2001 !!! – ARRRRGH !


6) Why is the main menu stuck to the left side, why not have it all in the horizontal taskbar in order to save constant scrolling and mouse clicking, I find myself having to constantly come out of one screen and into another on top of not finding what I want because it’s hidden behind the “+ New” icon -

I’ve only touched the surface of this and all of the above was in QBDT yet removed in QBO which is far from quick books, more like slow books

QuickBooks Team

QBO wish list changes from QBDT (UK)

Hello Kev-20, Thanks for posting on the Community page,  we fully appreciate everything you have written down on your wish list and shared with us here. We have passed all of this onto the team. 

Level 4

QBO wish list changes from QBDT (UK)

Thank you, I hope many other users also use this post to add to the list which is the entire point of me making it

Level 2

QBO wish list changes from QBDT (UK)

Just come over from QBDT


Yes this is new and appreciate there may be differences but some of the most basic functions are missing for speed and ease.

Don't understand why the online version wasn't made similar to the desktop version?

So from only just using this

1.Purchase orders. Had to turn this on and pay extra. WHY? This is a funder mental part of UK business to send a PO to a supplier this should not be an add on as this is essential!

2. The lack of editability of Purchase orders (and I have seen SO MANY posts on this)

along with Invoices, body text and footers. Also pointless un-editable message

Example. QBO is part of making accounting paperless. Reduce your carbon footprint

So why have approved by and date? POINTLESS. if you are emailing and not printing which to approve you would have to print either to PDF then edit or print on paper sign and rescan to send it. Its not needed 

Also the titles ACTIVITY. I'm purchasing a product not a service or activity. why not item? again needs to be editable

Our biggest bug bear, we used to have a professional looking PO with terms notes ect.

QBO This looks so basic and TBH a bit micky mouse

3. When paying suppliers, was so easy to send remittances, now numerous clicks to do a basic function

4. Invoicing. Please allows us to put our own footers on the invoices

We used to have Bank Payment details. Again this is basic stuff that was in QBDT

I appreciate once again its getting used to a new system, but really feels like a downgrade compared to what we had. 

Positives as there are some

Really Like the fact that you can drag and drop a bill from a supplier that's emailed their invoice and it will recognise the data. Excellent!

Would like it if it linked to a purchase order as we tried this and it failed.

If yet to link to my bank account or photo receipts. so still some learning, but have spent HOURS  reinputting data that was not converted properly. Hours that cannot be recouped nor paid for, and more to the point shouldn't of happened.


Please listen to YOUR customers otherwise we can seriously see many jumping ship to go to one of your other competitors if they have not already!



Mark Armistead
Level 7

QBO wish list changes from QBDT (UK)

@Kev-20Funny thing is I did a wishlist of things which were missing or needed fixing about 18 months ago. Ashleigh replied with a similar reply.
Guess what, NONE not a single item has been fixed. In fact when you search back through the forums all the missing and broken 'features' have all been asked for before, multiple time over multiple years.
I would waste my breath moaning about it on here, just deal with it as it is because nothing is changing I'm afraid.

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