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Quick books self employed

Hi, On my invoice page it says i have income of £22,000 which is correct according to my paid invoices. When i go on to the transactions page it says i have an income of £

QuickBooks Team

Quick books self employed

Hello Mel1958, thanks for posting on the Community page, what does the transaction page say your income amount is sorry it is missing on the post.  

Level 1

Quick books self employed

Hi, My total income is £22,000 but on the transactions page it says £21,361. When you add my expenses is should add up to £22,000 but it doesn't.


Quick books self employed

I appreciate you for getting back to us, Mel.


I'm here to enlighten you on why the income shows a different number on the Invoices page and on the Transactions page.


While the Invoices page is the total invoice you manually created, the Transactions screen shows the sum of the downloaded entries. Thus, the two pages show a different income amount.


Another thing to consider is the date range. Let's make sure to look at the correct date range on the two pages. If the date range is set incorrectly, it may not include all the transactions that contribute to your total income.


Furthermore, I've added this link as your guide in categorising transactions: Categorise transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


I'm available at all times to assist you with any concerns you may have regarding transaction management.

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