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Quickboks doesn't work

Hello, so i have an issue with quickbooks, it's always showing a green circle, i went thru all the steps you give even contacted your team, and after doing all the steps given even the cache and cookies is still the same, the weird part is that it works on my personal computer but not the office one, can you tell me what i need to do to fix this on my office computer.


Thank you in advance 

QuickBooks Team

Quickboks doesn't work



Thanks for reaching Community


We appreciate you have already gone through some troubleshooting with the care team.It seems strange that this only impacts the office computer and not your home computer as well.


We just need a bit more information.The office computer that you are having the issue with is it windows or mac?Have you tried downloading the desktop app for mac or windows on the pc and does it do the same thing?

Does the office pc do automatic updates for your browser etc?

What permissions do you have on the computer ?(do you have administrator access)




Level 1

Quickboks doesn't work

my quickbook keep sayiyng download new vw=erzion but no whole lot help

QuickBooks Team

Quickboks doesn't work

Good day, sprintcarriers.


May I know which specific part of QuickBooks did you encounter the issue? Any details can help me narrow down the best resolution that fits your concern. 


Additionally, you can always visit our Help articles page for reference. There, you can read articles that will guide you in completing your future tasks.


I'll keep an eye on your response. Keep safe!

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