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Quickbooks 2018 Premier Accountant crashing after Windows 20H2 update

Hi, After being given the run around by the online support team (thanks guys), I still haven't resolved the issue that started 2 days ago.

Windows 10 updated to version 20H2, since then QB (Premier Accountant 2018) crashes after I enter the password on my QB file, with "Quickbooks - Unrecoverable Error"


Quickbooks Desktop File Doctor tells me the file is OK. I uninstalled and reinstalled, then updated QB copy but I still get the same error. I tried opening another/other files, and created a new blank test file, QB crashes with all the files. I am running QB on another PC which I haven't updated yet and this still runs fine, therefore the conclusion must be the W10 update is the cause.


Can anyone offer a solution?

Screenshot 2021-03-03 12.56.50.png


QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks 2018 Premier Accountant crashing after Windows 20H2 update

Hello CraigD1, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So yes you would be correct there. Its a windows update issue and depending on what its done you are using a Quickbooks that is 3 years out of date and that is no longer supported. 


I would suggest you download and install the tools hub and run the install diagnostic tool. That will scan Quickbooks and all the software that Quickbooks needs to run and install or update anything that it needs. 


Be aware though that because 2018 is no longer supported it may be that this update breaks it and it wont be something we will be fixing so you may need to upgrade to a newer version. ( which you should have under you subscription). 


This link is for the diagnostics tool guide which will help you here follow steps 1 and 2. 

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Quickbooks 2018 Premier Accountant crashing after Windows 20H2 update

Thank you Ashleigh, albeit not the answer I expected. Its only just over 2 years old by the way, but you are telling me that at a cost of 400.00 GBP, my program will only last 2 years and intuit can't be bothered to fix critical issues leaving your clients to pay for a newer version


Sure enough your tools haven't helped. Your website has a slightly different take on the lifecycle of your products though!


"Your access to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services, Live Support, Online Backup, Online Banking, and other services through QuickBooks Desktop 2018 software will be discontinued after May 31, 2021. This also means you'll no longer receive critical security updates starting June 1, 2021."


That means I am not sure I can be bothered to pay a company that doesn't provide updates within its lifecycle. This service matches the support I received from online support earlier, which wasn't a good advert for continuing with intuit at all. As of now, looking elsewhere.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks 2018 Premier Accountant crashing after Windows 20H2 update


Afaik, company will support QBD 2018 until May 31, 2021. You will get the notification on your dashboard. Regarding your issue, try open a dummy file or the sample one to isolate the issue.


But if you decided switching to other system, you may contact us should need a 3rd party conversion service.


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