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Kevin C
Level 1

Quickbooks just isn't working

Does anyone know anybody who can sort out some serious errors in quickbooks. My accountant has been trying for a couple of months and cannot fix the problem. My balances don't match between my bank and quickbooks / Quickbooks has royally f****d my VAT returns. I haven't been able to reconcile for at least three months and the staff at Quickbooks when I phoned for assistance have just said its my fault and either me or my accountant have to sort it.


There is now over £20,000 reporting difference between my bank balance and Quickbooks. Needless to say, if I believed what Quickbooks said was my balance, I wouldn't be in business.

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks just isn't working

I appreciate the detailed information, Kevin C. Let me ease your confusion. 


I do have the steps to help you get back to business.


Here are the possible causes of ending balance issues:


  1. Opening and beginning balances are incorrect.
  2. There might be changes, deleted, or added transactions.


The opening balance is the starting point for accounts in QuickBooks. If it’s incorrect, it affects all following reconciliations.


Make sure your opening balance is correct before checking your beginning balance.


Here's how:


  1. Click Accounting in the left panel, and choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Find the account and select View register from the Action column.
  3. Search your register for an opening balance. It should have Opening Balance Equity in the Payee/Account column and Opening Balance in the Memo column.
  4. You can enter and change the opening balance from there.


To view the detailed instructions, you can open this article:



Also, let me add an article to fix other issues when reconciling accounts in QuickBooks Online: Fix issues at the end of reconciliation in QuickBooks Online.


Tag me again if you need some clarifications with your reconciliation. All of us here in the Community are ready to help you.

Kevin C
Level 1

Quickbooks just isn't working

I realise that you have a set of standard replies, but I have been using Quickbooks for a number of years and over the past year serious errors have started to appear to such an extent that I no longer trust the software. As a simple hint to endear yourself to your users - check to see if they are new or existing users, as that will get rid of the 'stupid' and 'pointless' opening balance statements. 


There was a VAT error now a full year ago due to an overpayment by myself to HMRC and I followed the instructions given from HMRC and QuickBooks to fix it. The error is still there.


There is now (over the last three months) seem to have appeared areas of 'double accounting' that is near impossible to trace.


I have also been unable to reconcile my accounts since April this year. Not very good practice.


Currently the only thing that quickbooks is good for is raising invoices and doing salaries. My finalised year end accounts from December 2020 bear no resemblance whatsoever to what Quickbooks says is my company year end figure.


I can use Excel for invoicing (that's what I used to do - and never had an error) and employ a bookkeeper to do salaries (my accountant used to do it) etc.


Please give me a reason to keep using quickbooks.


Quickbooks just isn't working

Thanks for sharing your insights and feedback here in the QuickBooks Community, Kevin.


We wanted to make sure this VAT issue of yours is taken care of immediately. If there are discrepancies or incorrect balances, you can get help with the corrections with our live support.


They can look into the entries and help you resolve any differences from the overpayment. They can initiate a viewing session to walk you through the process. Here's how to contact us:


  1. Go to the (?) Help menu to open the QB Assistant box.
  2. On the page, enter Contact Support.
  3. Pick Live Chat to connect with our live representative.
  4. Once done, click the Live Chat link provided in the pop-up box.
  5. On the next page, enter "VAT" then Let's Talk.
  6. Lastly, select Start a chat.


Let me know if you need further assistance with VAT or other tasks in QBO. I'll be more than happy to help you any time. Have a nice day!

Level 1

Quickbooks just isn't working

This is standard QB response, at first its a well advertised product - the advertising I mean


so far I have bank feed errors that they say is HSBC ( HSBC say its not them) the new use paypal to receive payments by card worked until December then stopped working as sold and you have to resolve all payments to get them deposited then delete the debt you raised to clear as its already there, and the email invoices don't always work, they say check junk but honestly i tested live with a client and it just doesn't arrive.

All these are "with the technical team" who are complete s***t as its taken 6 months and they still have no idea. the solution is wait till your year end then go over to xero or sage, yes they cost a little more but they work so i suppose that's what you are paying for. Good luck. i did this as people who comment on my query get responses and i dint so I'm just playing the QB game sorry ad all that 

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