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QuickBooks Self Employed feature ideas



Hope it’s OK to post these on here. A few little things have cropped up for me lately so I thought I’d note them down to put them forward for ideas for future feature additions:




The option to upload multiple documents to a transaction


Use case: for one of my clients, I occasionally have to put jobs on separate invoices, but the client will then just make one payment covering both invoices. When that transaction appears in my list, I’m then only able to upload one invoice rather than both.


The workaround here is a simple one mind you, of just merging the two invoices together on to one multi-page pdf and then uploading that to the transaction.




Being able to send invoices to CC and BCC addresses rather than just using the ‘Additional email addresses’ box


Use case: for one client, I need to send the invoice to the finance person but copy in the joint MDs, just so that there’s complete viability among everyone involved in terms of invoices being sent and dealt with.


However, when I enter those other email addresses in the ‘Additional…’ box, the QBSE system sends a separate email to each of the email addresses I’ve listed (those two plus the one I’ve added to the invoice details) rather than one email copying in all three addresses. Therefore, the visibility across the relevant people isn’t there.


The workaround is for me to export the invoice as a pdf and send it to the team manually. That in itself isn’t a great headache, but it creates a bit of extra ‘fiddle’ I’ll come on to with my final suggestion.




The option to change an invoice’s status from Draft to ‘Sent Manually’ or something similar


Use case: exporting an invoice as a pdf and sending manually is often suggested as a workaround to the issue of invoices not always reaching recipients’ invoices, as well as being an option for my second suggestion.


However, that then doesn’t allow for the invoice to be tracked in QBSE. I can’t then see how many days until it is due for payment, for example, and I can’t mark it as paid once I’ve received payment.


The only workaround I can see is, once I’ve sent the pdf manually, to go back into the invoice in QBSE, change the email address on it to my own address, and use the system to send it to myself. That way it’s in the tracking system, albeit there won’t be any notifications when the client has viewed the invoice.


I can’t simply forward that email with the invoice over to the client as it has my own email address on, which isn’t a professional look.


The downside to this method is that when it comes to my next invoice to the client, when their details are automatically completed I have to change the email address back to theirs, generate the pdf to send manually, then change the email address to mine for the send. And it goes on in this cycle each time I send an invoice.




I hope these points are useful, and I’m sure there are other use cases around which would require similar solutions. These are just the issues that have arisen for me recently, so I wanted to ask the questions.


Equally, if there is already a way to do any of the things I’ve highlighted, I would love to hear any guidance.


Thanks a lot.

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Self Employed feature ideas

Good day, @Gareth_Davis.


Thanks for breaking down the things you'd like to include in upcoming updates in QuickBooks Self-Employed. I can see how vital it is for your business to have these functions. While these options aren't available yet, rest assured that I'm going to submit a request from my side, which is sent to the Product Development Team. They're constantly looking for great ideas from users, like yourself, when deciding how to enhance QuickBooks.


I also invite you to send feedback as well. This can be done by visiting this link:


Additionally, I've also included this reference for a compilation of articles you can use while working with us: Help Articles for QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Thank you for your patience while we work on this. Feel at ease to get back to this thread if you have other concerns with QuickBooks Self-Employed. I'll be more than happy to help. Please take care. 

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QuickBooks Self Employed feature ideas

Hello @ReymondO 


Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, and I'm glad to hear my suggestions were useful. Hopefully they can be incorporated one way or another in the future.


I would say that the point about being able to mark invoices as manually sent is the most important one based on my QB experiences up to now, and given what I've have read from other users about difficulties with getting the automated emails through to the clients. I think a lot of people would get a lot of use from that.


Thanks again.

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