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Quickbooks wanting to update

Every time I open Quickbooks Desktop App on my Mac it tells me there is a new version to install. I update and then the next day the same. Every. Single. Time. Without fail even when it's been updated. How do I get this to stop please? It's really irritating.


Quickbooks wanting to update

Hello, chrissyh123.


Being constantly bombarded by updates every single time can be irritating as a software user myself. I'm here to help you fix the app so you can open it without interruptions. 


It looks like the automatic updates didn't apply properly, which is likely the reason why it keeps telling you to install a new version. To fix this, you'll want to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks Online Mac app.


Simply drag the QuickBooks app from the Applications folder to Trash. To completely remove it, go to Finder then click Empty Trash.


Download the latest version here.


You can also use this article as a reference if you need help installing it: Install the QuickBooks Online for Mac app.


After fixing the issue, you might want to read our articles if you need help. They have detailed guides and information about what you can do in the program. Click here to browse a topic. Then, select an article that best describes your scenario. 


I'll be here if you have other concerns or questions about QuickBooks Online. Just add the details in the reply section below and I'll respond as soon as possible. 

Level 1

Quickbooks wanting to update

Thank you James, I've done this and it's solved the issue.

Warm wishes


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