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Raising a sundry customer invoice


We use QB online Plus.  I need to raise an invoice to a customer, and normally would choose product "sales" but when we are paid I actually want the money coming in to be coded to entertaining. 

(Bit of a weird MD (grrrr, bless him!) transferred some money to one of our customers on an entertaining day out as customer had forgotten his wallet.  Customer has raised a PO to us so we can be reimbursed.  So I need to invoice them.  I coded the money paid out to entertaining, and want the customer invoice to go to the same nominal.)

Is this possible?


QuickBooks Team

Re: Raising a sundry customer invoice

Hello Paulaharper


You can do this by creating a service that points to the expense account rather than the sales account.If you go to the cog in the top right>product and services>new>service>name it something>in income account take out sales>put in the entertaining category>save and close.Then create the invoice with that service in.Then when you receive payment it will add money to the expense account(nominal)



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Re: Raising a sundry customer invoice

Great - thanks