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Re: Mileage issues

Thank you for the reply.


I am using android device Google Pixel 6. 

Everything is set up as you described. Everything worked ok for couple of months, and it started giving thar error three days ago. Also when logged in on my laptop it just says no trips to review.


When I am driving, small quickbooks icon appears on top line of the phone as it always does.


Also if I try to add trip manually it says "Unable to add you trip".

QuickBooks Team

Re: Mileage issues

Thanks for the prompt response and the additional details you've shared, @Tompavi. I'm here to route you to the support that will help you with your mileage issues in QuickBooks.


Since everything is set up on your end, I recommend reaching out to our support team so they can help you resolve this issue. They can also start an investigation to further look into this.


  1. Go to Help (?), then click Contact Us.
  2. Please enter your question and select Let's Talk.
  3. Review and Select from the following: Have us call you or Chat with us.


Additionally, you can refer to this article to know what QuickBooks can do in tracking your mileage


Keep me posted if you have any other questions about tracking your mileage in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help. Take care.

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