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Reconnecting bank account errors

I've recently had to reconnect my bank account (Monzo) and instead of reconnecting with the same credentials, it's just imported the account a second time with duplicate transactions.

I then probably made matters worse by deleting the inactive connection, but in doing so all my attached receipts have been deleted too. Is there any way to retrieve this data, and reactivate the original connection, or am I now only left with this new connection?

Is there a way to prevent this issue happening in the future when the banking connection has to be 'renewed'?

QuickBooks Team

Reconnecting bank account errors

Hello Musicalmark


Thanks for reaching out to the Community


As you are using the Self Employed product when you delete a bank connection it deletes all transactions added in the history of that account.including attachments.We may be able to recover the transactions but it may not be possible to pull through the receipts themselves.


If possible can you contact us via private message on either FaceBook or Twitter by @yiwoodmere UK as we need some account information and the Community will redact any email address or bank numbers posted here



Level 1

Reconnecting bank account errors

Thanks Emma for such a comprehensive response.

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