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Recording Sales Commission Received


I use QB Self Employed in the UK.

I am a sales agent and all of my invoices contain a sales commission componant at various % levels, depending on my agreement with the principle.

I can find no facility that allows me to automatically calculate this and as such, I am doing all the calculations in Excel and then transferring that into the INVOICE ITEMS field on the invoice and typing the result into the amount column.

QB SE UK will calculate mileage using the user input mileage rate. Why can't it do the same for commission? I would imagine that there are thousands of people whom work on a commission basis.



QuickBooks Team

Recording Sales Commission Received

Hello HealthBrokers,


There is currently no feature for this to be automatically calculated within Self Employed. Please use the following link to submit feedback:


This will be sent directly to the developers who will look into implementing this into future updates, if possible.