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L Frank
Level 1

Repayment of Excise Duty

Hi, would anyone be able to advise how to record Repayment of Excise Duty by HMRC please? Thanks.

L Frank
Level 1

Repayment of Excise Duty

I should have said - this is for commercial fuel.


QuickBooks Team

Repayment of Excise Duty

Hello LFrank, 


You can use the mileage tracker to help with calculations but this won't post to QBO, You will need to record it using a Journal If your unsure of how to record the Journal I would recommend that you speak with an accountant. Thanks 

L Frank
Level 1

Repayment of Excise Duty

Hi Becky, thanks so much for the reply.  It's a actually a repayment from HMRC for fuel duty so I wasn't sure whether to put it against fuel expense or not. 


Repayment of Excise Duty

Hello, L Frank. How are things?


I'm here to address and help you get the things you want in your book.


We can use the expense or can also use either bill or cheque to record it in QuickBooks Online. Before creating a transaction, we'll need to add a supplier where we can input the repayment. Let's do it together by following the steps below:


Here's how to add a new supplier:


  1. Go to Expense on the left side and select the Vendors tab.
  2. Click the New vendor button at the upper-right corner.
  3. Enter the name and other needed information of the vendor.
  4. Then, Save.


 We use the bills transaction to record the payment on the bill and close the balance. Please consider checking this article for additional insight into recording fuel purchases: What is the difference between bills, cheques, and expenses?


I'm always here if you need anything else. Thanks! Take care!

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