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Revaluation currency



Our company is multicurrency and GBP is a base company’s currency.

While running a revaluation for EUR account, it takes only 4 transactions instead of all 172 transactions from the EUR account. After the revaluation, ending balance in EUR currency is correct (5,440.69 EUR), but quickbooks shows incorrect ending balance in base currency – it’s 34,248.09 GBP.


We have already checked that all transaction in this account are booked in foreign currency (EUR), but we are not sure why the system runs revaluation only for 4 transactions out of 172.


Could you please advise, what should be done to get revaluation done for the whole account, not only specific journal entries?

QuickBooks Team

Revaluation currency

Hello Ivona, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


When revaluing there is a list of what will be revalued with a check box. you might not have had everything checked on there and that is why it is not doing the whole account. Could you please go and double check this. 

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Revaluation currency

Dear team,


That’s right, we thick all accounts to have a revaluation of.

But there is a little bit another situation. For example in specific account , let’s take it like “customer liability EUR”, we have 172 entries, but it makes revaluation only for 4 entries out of 172, while in other accounts we do not have similar problem.


What can you suggest in this situation?


We have tried to delete and do it again, but problem is still the same.


Thank you for you answer


John C
QuickBooks Team

Revaluation currency

Hi Ivona Are the transactions open that you're expecting to be revalued?

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