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Self Billing



I am trialing Quickbooks to see if it meets my needs.  I run my own niche recruitment agency and are looking for a way to offer self billing for my employees/contractors.  I invoice my end clients in the normal way, but my subcontractors are self employed and I want to offer a simple standard way for them to invoice my business on a weekly basis.  Often the invoices are the same ever week.


Is there any way to do this with quickbooks?





QuickBooks Team

Re: Self Billing

Hi FD Capital


You can create your subcontractors invoices as Expenses or Bills within QuickBooks and for the subcontractors invoices are the same every week you can create reoccurring transactions/expenses.

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Re: Self Billing

Thanks - but I need to generate these invoices on behalf of the subcontractor so they get copies of them.  That is what I mean by self billing.


The subcontractors provide their details and VAT numbers and are expecting me to generate their invoices and cc them in.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Self Billing

Hi FD Capital


I presume you are referring to CIS subcontractors, however this applies to normal subcontractors, you can as previously explained create the Expenses/Bills and either print them or download them to your computer and email them to your subcontractors

Frequent Explorer **

Re: Self Billing

Hi Adrian,

Have you had any answer for this?

I am thinking of doing the same thing for my customer, but no one give me correct answer of how to do it in QB yet.

I have been told that there are tools in Purchase Order which you can create a 'billable item'. I have to upgrade mine for this, but haven't got there yet!


Let me know if you have the answer, please





QuickBooks Team

Re: Self Billing

It's my pleasure to help you today, Yanti Pegler01.


In QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can create a Bill for your suppliers and send a report for them to know the list of what was invoiced. 


Here's  how to create a bill:

  1. Go to the plus icon.
  2. Under Suppliers, click Bill.
  3. Enter the necessary information.
  4. Click Save.

Since bills are invoices supposedly received from your suppliers and cannot be print or emailed, we can view and send its details through a report. Let's run the Transaction List by Supplier report. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to Reports on the left menu.
  2. From the Expenses and suppliers section, click the Transaction List by Supplier.
  3. Set the dates and columns you want to show on the report.
  4. Click the Email icon to send it to your suppliers.


However, the option stated above is not available if you're subscribe to QuickBooks Online Self Employed. 


Learn more on how to customise reports in QBO through this article: Customise Reports.


Should you have additional questions about this, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'd be glad to help.