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Level 2

Separate Invoice and Credit note number sequence's

How can I set up a separate Invoice number and Credit note number sequence?  At the moment when I do a credit note, it is picking up the next invoice number. I did manually change it, but then the next invoice picked up the next credit note number!  

I would hope a product as 'advanced' as QBO would have the ability to have difference sequences?

Level 8

Separate Invoice and Credit note number sequence's

Sorry @LSOC but I'm pretty sure that Invoices & Credit Notes use the same sequence.

I'm pretty sure that's how QB Desktop worked too (it's been a while) so I've always just put a "C" behind the number to denote a Credit.


Be careful with that though ... if you add a "C" behind your credit note numbers, the next time you open an invoice it will have a "C" behind the invoice number which will need to be deleted.


Hope this helps.

QuickBooks Team

Separate Invoice and Credit note number sequence's

Hello LSOC,  Welcome to the Community page, It is not possible to assign a separate sequence for each, you will have to manually change the invoice number and the credit note number. You can leave this as feedback from within the main cog wheel. 

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