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Simple Start issues


Very new to Quickbooks, so please bare with me. I'll keep this as short as I can.

Yesterday I purchased Simple start, set everything up and started doing all my invoicing, emailing them to customers, payments on accounts etc.. Everything was fine, although a little difficult navigating around. I then realised there was no dashboard showing, and the setting cog on the top right hand corner was missing.

It turns out that my payment hadn't gone though. I tried several times to rectify this but it just wouldn't take payment. In the end, I ended up starting again from scratch and purchasing Simple start, went incognito for the payment, and all went though no problem. However, I have now got all my info on the first simple start, which is not working correctly and looks more like a demo. The new one I purchased looks perfect, but obviously has nothing inputted in to it at the minute, just blank ready to start. Can anyone at all help me out there? I was on chat for 3 hours last night with no joy, I've also made several phone calls but again nothing.

All I want to try and do is transfer all that invoicing and customer list to my new simple start, and then get rid of that weird version that I was using originally.

QuickBooks Team

Simple Start issues

Hi there, Simon60.


Let's get this issue sorted out by doing troubleshooting steps. So you're able to see and use your dashboard in QuickBooks Online. 


Let's open your QBO account on a private or incognito window to check. You may use these keyboard shortcuts in opening a private window:


  • Safari: Command + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox: CTRL + Shift + P
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Internet Explorer:  CTRL + Shift + P


Once logged in, go back to the Dashboard page and check if it's already functioning well. If it works, clear the cache of your regular browser to speed up the web browsing experience. Using another compatible browser is a good alternative too. 


Then, you can export your list of reports from your old QBO account to Excel and transfer it to your new account. 


Here's how:


  1. Sign in to your old QBO account.
  2. Click Report from the left menu.
  3. Then, search for Account List, Customer Contact List, Vendor Contact List, or Product/Service List report.
  4. Customize the list report’s columns.
  5. After customizing the report, export it to Excel.
  6. Open the exported report in Excel, then delete rows 1-4 to remove your company name and report title from the sheet.
  7. Save your report again as Excel or CSV.


After saving the reports, you can now import them to your new QBO account. For more guidance, feel free to check out this article: Move your lists to QuickBooks Online.


Leave a comment below if you have more questions about managing your account in QBO. I'd be glad to help you. Take care always.

Level 1

Simple Start issues

Hi LeizyIM,


I've tried the incognito thing, and it was just the same. It's almost like that first version is locked out until it's paid for, but I have no option to pay for it. I've tried to attach a picture to show you what it looks like when I open it up. As you can see, there's no dashboard, no setting cog in the top right, no help function etc, it's just a really basic layout. What I'm more confused about is why was I allowed to generate invoices and email them to customers, link my bank account etc, if the payment for the subscription hadn't gone though?

Level 1

Simple Start issues

Screen shot attached, I think?

QuickBooks Team

Simple Start issues

Thanks for getting back to us, @Simon60. I appreciate you for following the steps shared by my peer. 


Since the issue persists, I'd recommend getting in touch with our Customer Support team. Let me guide you how:


  1. Click the Help menu in the upper-right-hand corner.
  2. Type in "Talk to a human", then press Enter.
  3. Look for I still need a human and click on it.
  4. Click Get help from a human or Contact Support Team.
  5. Select between Send a message, Schedule an appointment, or Get a callback.


To ensure that you'll be assisted immediately, I recommend checking our support hours before performing the steps.


You can also browse our QuickBooks help articles. It contains resources to help easily perform your tasks in QuickBooks.


Feel easy to visit us again should you have more concerns. I'll be around to guide you again. 

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