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shirley bpr
Level 1

Supplier payments

Can I get a CSV file for payments to upload to the bank to pay, currently have to manually enter into the bank and mistakes can be made too easily.  (is there a place in QB to put supplier Bank details- I have found one place but for account no but that's all.


Also when I pay at the moment, how can I easily send remittance, I have tried before on one only, but it marks as paid then when money comes out the bank I don't know how to allocate that part. - again this seems to be a one by one, not a bulk payment.



QuickBooks Team

Supplier payments

Hello Shirley bpr, thanks for posting on the Community page,  you can only CSV upload suppliers ( cog wheel> import data> download sample file- make sure its the same> browser> open> next map it> then it will import them in for you) or bills into QuickBooks, there is nowhere to enter supplier bank details in Quickbooks, all you can add in is (expense rate, payment- terms/ account no. and opening balance). 


You can ONLY enter in YOUR bank details no one else in the custom form styles section in the systems for estimates, invoices, and sales receipts. For the remittance, if you have a look at this link it has all the steps you need to to send a remittance and you can send bulk remittances as well don't have to be just one by one. 

Level 11

Supplier payments

@shirley bpr 

You can prepare the Bill Payment data with the following template and send it to your bank

RefNumberAPAccountVendorTxnDateBank or CC AccountPrivateNoteCurrencyExchangeRateToBePrintedBillApplyToLineAmount
2001 Staples#########CheckingBill Payment  N101375.53
3454 Green's Taxi Service#########CheckingBill Payment  N185125.13
321901 Federal Express#########CheckingBill Payment  N201264.07


then you can use it also to import into your QBO account.


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