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Sync with 3rd party software

I have ammended some invoice numbers from my 3rd party invoicing software, but these changes will not sync with quickbooks

QuickBooks Team

Sync with 3rd party software

Good day, trovs


 I'll provide details about how syncing data works in QuickBooks Online.


Syncing transactions or data to QuickBooks Online depends on the 3rd party application you're using and how it receives data. That said, I suggest contacting the app provider so they can investigate why your invoices aren't syncing over to QuickBooks.


You'll want to personalize and add specific info to sales forms. Please refer to this article for more info: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to touch base with us if there's any help you need. As always, we're always right here to address you if you have any questions managing your invoices. Have a great day ahead. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Sync with 3rd party software


Which 3rd party app are you using?

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Sync with 3rd party software

I'm using mechanic desk.

They say once a invoice is finalised, there isn't much they can do.

There is one invoice number that is completely missing in qb

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