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Telling me I need to pay for a subscription (even though I already paid for it)

Hello! I'm just wondering if anyone could help me, or at least point me in a better direction with an issue I've got with QuickBooks Self-Employed.


I am a new customer to QB and signed up for the QB Self-Employed free trial on November 26th. However, I decided to cancel my free trial (that same day) and immediately purchased the paid subscription after seeing the Black Friday 60% off deal.
I didn't have any issues with the payment process and the money left my bank account soon after. I also received an email confirming my payment and subscription the following day, so thankfully I have an invoice as proof of purchase.
The issue comes when I log into my QB Self-Employed account. It tells me my free trial has ended (which it has) but won't let me access the service unless I pay £6/month + VAT. This is quite confusing as I chatted to a nice agent called Dev on the QB live chat and he told me that he can see I have an active QB Self-Employed subscription (again thankfully I took a photo of this, as I never received the chat transcription that I requested).
I don't know why it's telling me I need to pay for a subscription, since I already paid for it. The agent on live chat provided me with an email address to hopefully get the issue resolved and told me I would get a response within 1 business day.
It's been 6 days now since I sent an email to the address I was given and I still haven't got a response, nor has the issue been resolved. I thought it might have had something to do with the fact that QB ran into some issues last week, but even after they announced that everything seemed to be back in order I still have this issue. 
I'm just wondering if anyone could offer any tips on why this is happening and who else I could contact to get this resolved. I'm newly self-employed and would like to be able to actually access and use the service that I've genuinely paid for!
Thanks in advance!
QuickBooks Team

Telling me I need to pay for a subscription (even though I already paid for it)

Hello There,


We can't take your E-mail address publicly on this site, nor would i want you to post your email address on this site. I'd need the bill number on the email you received, which again - I don't want you to publicly post.


We also support our Social Media pages queries - perhaps i can ask you to Send us a message containing your Email Address through Facebook or Twitter? - send to "@QuickBooksUK"


I suspect there is an issue here relating to a "Duplicate" account - in which we can relatively easily resolve this - but we'd need to check this.


Generally, if you've set up a free trial, you then cannot take advantage of our discounted deals using the same email address, there are blockers built into the system to prevent this, however because you've been charged, it definitely warrants further investigation.

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Telling me I need to pay for a subscription (even though I already paid for it)

Hi James!


Thank you so much for responding, I'll definitely send a message with my details and such as soon as possible.


I never came across any blockers/information stopping me from ending the free trial and purchasing a subscription at a discounted price. The cancellation of the trial and subscription purchase happened seamlessly.

The free trial was only active for less than hour (if I remember rightly) before I purchased the subscription. I used the same email address both times and wasn't aware of any restrictions regarding this, however it would make sense for the system to be confused if that's not how it should go. 


Thank you for your time and help!

QuickBooks Team

Telling me I need to pay for a subscription (even though I already paid for it)

Thank you for the quick reply and allow me to share additional insights, @CraftyWolf.


In QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE), you can only use one username per account. It's possible that you're able to log in to your trial account reason why you're asked to pay for a subscription. Be sure to use the correct username and password so you can to log in to the correct account.


If you're experiencing the same thing, I encourage reaching out to our Support Team. They have extra tools that can help check your account securely and be able to help you further.


To contact support, you can check this article: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support.


Leave a comment below have any other questions. I'm always here to help. Have a great day!


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Telling me I need to pay for a subscription (even though I already paid for it)

Same frustrating problem. (only very slightly different)


Quickbooks has taken payment for my new subscription (my trial just ran out)... yet when I go to my account-it wants me to buy another subscription.

I suppose it may have to do with the fact that I was only offered the regular cost for their plans when in my account, even though there is a small discount they offer.

So, I went on QB again, chose a plan (with a 3 month discount) - it acknowledged my name, and that I already had an account, and took the payment.  Now, nothing has happened on the account I was using.. and they want me to pay again. 


Looking at this answer, and the time frame to respond, as with many things with Quickbooks when I had a question, it seems you can not get a simple straight answer.  My entire trial period when I asked for any type of guidance, I was, literally, with on line representatives for hours (no exaggeration). Although they tried, they only continually tried the things I had already reviewed prior to asking for assistance, and I never got real answers... ultimately, every time I had to explore this system and discover an answer myself.


Seems every time I seem to get things going well, something always pops up....and no real answers. 

If someone can help it would be great... otherwise, just to finish what I was doing, I need to pay a Second time... soooo wrong. 


Telling me I need to pay for a subscription (even though I already paid for it)

It's not the kind of experience that we want you to have, @Imaginart.


I'm here to assist you in recovering access to your subscribed QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) account.


To log in to the subscribed account, make sure to use the correct log-in page and credentials. Here's the log-in page for QBSE:


If you are still prompted to subscribe, clear your browser's cache. It's possible that piled-up cache in your default browser produced this unusual behavior while attempting to sign in to the account.


Go to your QBSE account using a private browser. This helps isolate the issue since it doesn’t store data in the cache. Here are the following keyboard shortcuts: 


  • Safari: Command + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox: CTRL + Shift + P
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N 
  • Microsoft Edge:  CTRL + Shift + P


If it works, here's how to clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks. Restart your browser right after. You can also proceed by using other browsers if the steps above don’t work.


Here's all you need to know about QBSE, including how to set it up and manage your income and expenses: QuickBooks Self-Employed Overview


I'm always here if you need more help with your account and or anything else by leaving a reply below. Keep safe and have a wonderful day!

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