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Turn off simplified expenses

I have just started using QuickBooks and when I've added in all my transaction information it is showing me that none of my van expenses are allowable. Why is this? I record purchase, maintenance, repair and vehicle tax as "Car/Van expenses" and I record fuel transactions as "Travel expenses".  The value of travel expenses is shown as allowable but everything else is not allowable. I think the software is recording based on simplified expenses however I do not use this system. Please tell me how I can turn this off. 

Also, I have already searched through the help articles. Do not advise me to change all van expenses to travel expenses. This is NOT an acceptable solution. It is a half-hearted work around that does not work for me as I need to record my vehicle costs and fuel costs separately for my own reporting purposes. As a bare minimum this software should have an option somewhere to choose your own accounting method.  If this is not the case then quite frankly the software is not fit for purpose so please advise on how I can cancel and receive refund for first payment. 


Turn off simplified expenses

Thanks for the details, scottb1992.


At this time, I recommend reaching out to our Phone Support team. We have agents there that have extra tools that can verify why some of your transactions are not shown as allowable.


Here's how you can contact them:


  1. Click the ? Help button.
  2. Enter, Talk to a human.
  3. Enter a brief description of your concerns.
  4. Select I still need a human.
  5. From there, select Chat.


Feel free to tag my name if you need help. Keep safe!

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