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Uncleared transactions on bank reconciliation



I have several uncleared transactions appearing on the bank reconciliation.   I'm not sure why these are here and have no idea what to do with them.  I've attached a screenshot so you know what I'm rambling on about.


Thanks in advance.




QuickBooks Team

Re: Uncleared transactions on bank reconciliation

Hey Jay Bee (Julie)


Welcome back to the UK community Page - Thank you for your query.


An uncleared transactions means that it is a posting transaction, impacting your bank; but this payment has not been cleared and matched with a transaction in the banking section. When there is a direct match to a transaction in your banking section, it has the status "Cleared" - as the system knows it's a correct transaction.


Looking at the dates - late 2018 for some of the transactions, what period are you currently reconciling too? Have you already reconciled the period which these transactions would have bee included under?