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Update problems


I've just switched on and opened QB 2014. It said it needs an update so I let it do it.

It now says I'm out of free uses and must register. It is a registered copy and I've been using it for a long time?

Registration process won't get past second screen...




Update problems

Hello there, @Mrargreenhill.


As much as I'd like to help you in getting this thing done right away, we'll need to reach out to our customer care team to get the validation code. This helps us ensure that we're activating QuickBooks in a private environment. Here's how to connect with them:

  1. Go to the Help menu once you open QuickBooks.
  2. Click QuickBooks Desktop Help or press F1 on your keyboard.
  3. Select Contact us button. 
  4. Enter a short description of your concern.
  5. Hit Search. Select Start a message.

Once you get the validation code, you can follow these steps to activate QBDT. Here's how:


  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Select Activate QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to verify your details.


Also, please take note that older versions can no longer access add-on services and other online services integrated with QuickBooks. You can check about QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy and upgrade information in this article: Here's what you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation


Also, you may want to explore these articles for additional information about finding and fixing important details within your company file:



Stay in touch if you still have other concerns about QuickBooks Desktop. I'm right here willing to help you out. Take care.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Update problems


Chat Support and ask for the Validation Code. If they refused to generate one, consider purchasing a one time license of QBD 2018 or 2019 to upgrade your file.

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