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Using Quickbooks for a condo association

My condo association is considering using Quickbooks Advanced for their accounting and they have asked me to look into it.  Is there someone that is currently doing this and would you recommend it? I have seen where there may be some problems that would require work arounds. Would like to know about those, how to use etc.

Thanks for any help!

QuickBooks Team

Using Quickbooks for a condo association

Hello and welcome to the Community, dmwaldorf


Thanks for your interest in QuickBooks. We recommend contacting our sales team on 0808 239 0010 so that we can learn more about your business as well as share some insight on the features we offer. 

For an overview of the different products available, please see our web page. We also welcome input from other users below who have direct experience in your business field. 


If you have any specific questions, please get back in touch below!

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