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Vat for unrecorded invoices


how can I check if the VAT showing in the banking transaction is legit without having the physical invoice?

is there a way?

please help

QuickBooks Team

Vat for unrecorded invoices

Hello Fraesp87, thanks for posting on the Community page, 

Sounds like you want to confirm the VAT that shows on the bank feed is correct, if so the VAT that shows there is chosen by the system based on previously selected options or if a default code has been assigned to an account it is posting to. We cannot guarantee it is the correct VAT for the transaction. You may wish to confer with a trained and qualified accountant. 


Level 8

Vat for unrecorded invoices

Hi @Fraesp87 


In order to reclaim VAT from HMRC you must be able to show - if asked - that it's correct.

The only way to do this in practice is to have a physical/electronic copy of the supplier's invoice.  The supplier's invoice must show their VAT Registration number & the amount of VAT charged on the transaction.

If you do not have this (or cannot prove that VAT was actually paid to the supplier in some way) you should zero rate the transaction no matter what QBO thinks.  After all, it's your neck on the line if/when HMRC checks up.


Hope this helps.

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