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Void invoice in QBO is not reflecting in Data Ninja


After voiding invoice in QBO, will it sync to Data Ninja? If yes, what all fields can be synced ?



Void invoice in QBO is not reflecting in Data Ninja

Thanks for posting in the Community space, Shailesh.


To answer your question concerning whether or not voiding invoices in QuickBooks Online (QBO) will sync with Data Ninja is yes. The data sync between QBO and Data Ninja is bidirectional. It means that any changes made to one system will result in an update to the other.


Below is a list of fields that synced:


  • Parts and Inventory Items.
  • Raw Material Purchases
  • Bills, Checks, and Expenses
  • Production Cost Accounting.
  • Customer Sales (Estimate, Invoice, and Sales receipts)
  • Direct Links.
  • Customers details
  • Vendors details


If you decided to void or delete the invoices in QuickBooks Online. Here's how to do it:


  1. Go to the Sales menu.
  2. Select the Invoices tab.
  3. Locate the invoice you want to void or delete, then click View/Edit to open it.
  4. Choose More in the footer, then choose either Void or Delete.
  5. Hit Yes to confirm.


Do you need want to create attractive and processional-looking sales forms? If so, you can read this article to learn how to do it: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Don't hesitate to post again if you have further questions about the integration between Data Ninja and QuickBooks Online. I'll be here to help you.

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Void invoice in QBO is not reflecting in Data Ninja

Thanks for the response.

We would like to know the status of order in DataNinja when we void the order in QBO. Will that be changed to closed in DataNinja?

Also what will happen to the inventory for the same order? Will that be released?



Void invoice in QBO is not reflecting in Data Ninja

Hi there, @Ajith1!


I'm here to share how you're able to know the status of the order in DataNinja integrated with QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Here in the Community, we don't have the view and access to any of the applications integrated with QBO. With this, I'd recommend contacting the Technical Support of the DataNinja application.


From there, one of the specialists can help and share the steps needed to generate the status of your order and its inventory. Therefore, you can view the contact information of your app provider by checking it under the App Information section.


I'm also adding this article for tips and guides you can utilize while using QuickBooks online to keep your business growing: Create and Manage Reports in QuickBooks Online.


If you have any other follow-up questions while working with your applications, please let me know by adding a comment below. I'll be here to lend a helping hand. Take care and stay safe!

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