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Where is Expenses: Components & Services?

Dear Forum Members,

I can never understand why there is a section called 'products & services' under 'customers & leads' but not a section called 'components & services' under 'expenses'.

It existed in the desktop version of QB but not in the online version.

Is anybody aware of a workaround?

Does anybody know the thinking behind this omission?

How can this be added as a feature request?
Many thanks for your help with this.

QuickBooks Team

Where is Expenses: Components & Services?

Hi Huib, thanks for posting on the Community. 


Currently, there is no function for components & services in QuickBooks Online. Instead, products & services can be selected on the item details table when entering expense transactions (bills & expenses) for the purposes of re-ordering stock. Then, QuickBooks will increase the quantity on hand in your product & services by the number of items you received. If you're not re-ordering stock, you can instead select the relevant category (chart of account) on the category details table when entering the bill/expense. 


If you'd like to submit feedback for further features in QBO, please click the Cog > Feedback in your account - this way, your suggestions will be sent to our product development team who regularly review & implement changes. 

Level 2

Where is Expenses: Components & Services?

Dear Georgia,

Many thanks for your reply.

I will submit the feedback / feature via the cog wheel.

It is such an obvious omission, as it does not make sense to manage components, raw-materials, ... under 'sales'.
Best regards,


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